Vintage CENTURION Dave Scott ‘IRONMAN’ /c Shimano 600 & Sansin wheelset



Vintage 1980’s CENTURION Dave Scott ‘IRONMAN’ Model Road Bike

   I am saying mid-80’s, because I’ve been told that by the past due 80’s so much Dave Scott models were 14 spd  Bike isn’t new,
but in really nice condition.The frame is painted in a two tone silver and charcoal gray metallic. There are a couple of small paint chips at the upper fork, both chain & seat stays. No significant scratches, no rust & no dents and/or dings that I will be able to see. Decals are 9 out of 10 /c no fading and/or peeling. Mechanical components are most commonly stainless and wear as expected with the vintage. Photos hardly do justice
to the super condition of this bike.
To the most efficient of my knowledge, running gear is all original, and in excellent condition.
I changed out the tires because I liked the grey stripe to check the frame paint scheme, and changed the seat for comfort. I also upgraded the wheelset to Sansin hard anodized rims with double butted stainless spokes & SunShine hubs. 
      I’ve {several|a couple of|a number of} bikes, and do not ride up to I
would love, but have ridden this one on a limited basis during the last few years without incident or coincidence/s.
Bike is sold ‘as-is’, and returns allowed within 30 days, less cost
of shipping, provided that bike is misrepresented in age and/or overall
condition. I will be able to pack and ship anywhere within the Continental States for
  Not a professional level bicycle, but nearly top of the road for Centurion, Great for vintage rides with the coffee grasp gang……..or solo rides for those who just
wish to get away for a whilst! 
Frame:        Steel/Japan/Tange ‘1’…..Tange 1 steel also used on top of
                 the road models
Color:         Metallic silver and charcoal gray
                 23″ c-t-c seat tube (standover height is 33″)
Gruppo:    Shimano 600
                12 spd (6×2)
                front & rear derailluer & crank
                front and rear brakes
Seat post:  Sugino, fluted and very nice
Seat:         ‘Regal’ style,  but not made by San Marco
Stem:        125mm  
Bars:         40cm  c-t-c
Wheels:     700c, Sansin rims /c very light wear on braking surface/s,
                Sun Shine (Japanese) hubs
Spokes:     Double butted stainless              
Tires:        Bontrager ‘Race Lite’

Am also listing a middleweight Vintage Schwinn 3 speed ‘Racer’ model city bike

                      ……….  HAPPY BIDDING! ……….

Based upon comments/questions rec’d:
 1.  Frame is silver & charcoal. Some photos give appearance that silver portions are pink…poor photography on my part.
 2. Saturn wheelset is a ‘large’ upgrade from original, double butted spokes and little or no wear on braking surfaces….really nice condition.
 3. The Shimano 600 components are polished metal version, not the painted style utilized in later years. 


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