Schwinn Stingray O.C. chopper motorized bicycle



   It is a Schwinn Stingray bike designed by Orange County Choppers for Schwinn.  Only made for a few years around 2005.  The basic bicycle is in very good condition aside from for the seat, which has some minor splitting in the vinyl covering.  Has a typical bicycle 24 inch front wheel, and an extra wide 4.25×20 inch rear wheel and tire.  Despite the fact that it has smaller wheels, the wheelbase is  much longer than a typical 26 inch bicycle and is an adult size bike, but if you’re over 6 feet tall, the bike is also a bit small for you.  I am 5ft 4in. and the bike is a very comfortable size for me, and I only have the seat adjusted about half way toward the maximum height.

   I have added an  80cc/66cc gas 2-stroke motor kit to this bike.  I bought a kit specifically put together for this particular Schwinn bike,  with the entire extra parts needed for a proper installation.  The extras include a special offset motor mount for this frame,  extra chain length, and modified muffler( standard muffler won’t clear the pedals).  Also included were a better balanced one piece crankshaft for smoother running, especially at high RPM,  a speed carburetor for higher fuel/air mixture( more power). 

  I added some modifications of my own, most vital,  a smaller 38 tooth sprocket gear to atone for the much smaller 20 inch rear wheel and tire.   This produces about the same final drive ratio as the usual 44 tooth gear does on a 26 inch wheel.  Also,  I modified the chain idler to bolt through the frame as a substitute of the usual clamp on. Needs much less adjusting and futzing with.  I put this bike together properly and took additional time where needed to insure things worked properly.  That is my third bicycle motor install project, so I have some experience with it.

    I have just completed the required break-in period, running the first gallon of fuel with a 16:1 fuel/ oil mix ratio, the second one gallon with a 20:1 mix ratio.  Throughout the first gallon, the engine was once never run at more than half throttle.  Throughout the second one gallon, was once only run at full throttle for short periods.  I am now into my third gallon of fuel and the engine just helps to keep running smoother and better and is in a position to run at higher RPM’s.  Also, Throughout the first week of running,  the head bolts were checked and re-torqued each day before running.

   It is a fun bike to ride and will cruise around at 20-25 mph easily and tops out at about 30 mph.

  You will have to make arrangements to pick out this bike up individually.  I can not ship this.  You’ll be able to pay with Paypal or cash when the bike is picked up.

   You are welcome to come and check out the bike in person before you make a decision to shop for.

           Thanks for having a look.


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