Schwinn Stingray Krate, Pea Picker, Lemon Peeler, Orange Krate, Custom AC/DC ’69



Serial numbers DE68883, date this to April 1969.
Custom AC/DC Tribute Krate done rather a few years ago.
This hung in a bar for 20 plus years, till my neighbor bought it.
Obviously one in every of a type, and no longer for everybody. 
Its been in my garage for years and all the time grabs the entire attention.
The bike is in Black powder coat, a lot more durable than paint.
The chain guard was once redone, because it had a foul scratch in it.
Not certain what is stock or no longer. The chrome looks too excellent for original.
Some portions have obvious age wear and patina.
Everything turns out to work. Have not ridden it, but went in the course of the gears.
Brakes both forestall the wheels. Slick in back, and S-7 in front, both hold air.
The autographs are stickers or decals and are adhered to the fenders pretty excellent.
The seat has no rips or tears.
Study the footage beneath magnification for condition.
 Very nice for older restore, with only a few minor flaws.
I will evenly disassemble, and package moderately for shipping.
I will take a few payments, if that is helping.
I will attempt to solution any questions. Thank you 


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