Schwinn 2016 alluminum road bike (with specialized parts) 54cm



I bought this motorbike on 2016 September, used for day by day travel for work, later I discovered It is little heavy (24 pounds) , and altered to a specialised motorbike(on a long way right) which is best 19 pounds( on carbon wheels). Now I ride my specialised motorbike and there isn’t much room within the apartment for 2 motorbike. I bought  this schwinn motorbike for 295$ orighinaly , and simply put lower than 200 miles on it, and I had put my pair of specialised in-space axis wheels and eight-speed cassette on it, and pair of specialised in-space calipers at the shwinn motorbike. I might say the motorbike simply is going to some other level with more comfort, speed and higher breaking power.  the wheels and caliper would cost around 2 hundred$, so the entire will likely be a 400$ worth deal no less than. Please understand that to pump the tire at 120psi as mentioned at the tire. It is my first time sell an item, so thank you for the toughen!


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