Pinarello Razha K 52cm Carbon Road Bicycle Shimano (54.5cm TT)



Listed is a New 2016 Pinarello Razha K 52cm Carbon Road Bicycle Shimano 105 Yellow. The RAZHA K is a full carbon frame, highest for long distance riders, amateurs and long run champions. The Razha K frame has equivalent tubing but more elongated geometry and due to this fact more comfortable than our traditional racing road bikes. Asymmetrical monocoque frame, powerful and rigid, the downtube is very large and the ground bracket, the actual heart and fulcrum of this triangle, will probably be unyielding to the ability you unleash whilst you stand at the pedals Such a lot visible within the seatstays and fork, this asymmetry is helping balance the offset power delivery because of the drivetrain being offset to the best. It’s Such a lot noticeable throughout hard efforts when sprinting or mountain climbing, but it is all the time working to keep the bike balanced and the wheels planted. The steerer tube of the fork tapers from 1-1/8” to one-1/2” to create an even stiffer front end for precise handling, especially when the street gets fast and twisty. 

Although this can be a 52cm, it has a 54.5cm best tube, and is thought of as a medium.  Other sizes is also to be had as well.

Bicycle will probably be professionally pack and shipped Fedex Ground. Pedals now not included.

  • The Razha K has more elongated geometry and due to this fact a more comfortable ride than our traditional racing road bikes

  • The Century Ride System contains curvilinear seatstays which building up vertical compliance without sacrificing lateral stiffness

  • Material: Carbon 24UD

  • Italian Threaded BB

  • Shimano 105 11s

  • Wheels: Shimano WH-R 501

  • Brakes: MOst B-Max

  • Post: MOst C-Alu

  • Cranks: Shimano R565 52/36

  • Cassette: 105 11 – 25

  • Bar: MOst Xylon PG

  • Stem: MOst 4 Bolt

  • Saddle: MOst Bobcat

  • Tires: Vittoria Zaffiro Rigid


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