Pinarello FP3, Full Campy Centaur Groupset, Size 53



I am promoting my Pinarello FP3. It used to be bought in 2010, is supplied with full Campagnolo Centaur Carbon 10spd groupset.  It comes with the stock Pinarello Such a lot stem, bars, carbon post, and wheels.  I did upgrand the saddle to the Specialised Romin Evo fashion pictured.  Note the pedals pictured don’t seem to be included within the sale.  The motorbike is in superb condition each in look and serve as.  It used to be continuously lubed, waxed, serviced, and so forth… The full mileage is ready 2500 miles.  I’m a center aged weekend warrior, no racing here.  There isn’t carbon injury or any thing of the kind. It merely has a few standard rubs here and there from being ridden. It hasn’t ever been down or crashed.  Please ask questions.  Specs are underneath:

Brakes: Campagnolo Centaur Skeleton

Cassette: 10-speed

Crankset: Pinarello Such a lot (made by SRAM) size 172.5

Fork: Pinarello ODNA FPK Carbon Fork 

Frame: Pinarello FP3

Front derailleur: Campagnolo Centaur

Handlebar: Pinarello Such a lot Alloy with solid alloy Pinarello Such a lot stem.

Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Veloce 

Saddle: Specialised Romin Evo

Seatpost: MOst Carbon Seatpost

Shifters:  Campagnolo Centaur Carbon

 Wheelset: Pinarello Such a lot (made by Fulcrum, identical to Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels.  


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