Old School (80’s) Fuji (Gran Tourer) Road Bike (12 speed)



A smartly looked after vintage Fuji (Gran Tourer) road motorcycle (23″ frame). 12 speeds.  27″ wheels.  All unique.  A whole tune up has been done.  Wheels spin true and straight.  Would possibly not be disappointed.  Rides, shifts and brakes nice.  Additionally, very speedy.  You’ll want to wear a helmet.  Will make for a perfect Christmas gift.  Please have a look at the images. 
From the middle of the crank to where seat post is put in in tube it’s 23″.  From seat tube to go tube (c-c) it’s 22″. Stand over height is apx. 33″.  
will come in part disassembled.  I can do a very good job in
padding and packaging the motorcycle.  I’ve one hundred% rating.  I can ship
in an instant after paypal payment.  Ship most effective to decrease 48 states. (no
in another country).  Native pick out up is welcomed.  Thank you for taking a look.


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