NEW 2016 Kona Process 153dl Mountain Bike 27.5″ wheel, dropper, size SMALL



This buy it now auction is for a NEW 2016 Kona Process 153dl full suspension mountain bike. We now have one in small and one in medium.

for your best price and advice, call me at five three zero 362 zero zero two zero.

size small fits riders about 5’2″ to 5’7″. The medium would fit riders aboug 5’7″ to 5’10”.

My son is in the pictures riding his identical bike last year at Northstar ski area, whistler bike park, and Northstar bike park. We ride this bike and sell a large number of them in our shop, primarily on singletrack backcountry trails. There is not any better bike for the money in our opinion for all around riding. I included these pictures to emphasize my experience that this bike is incredibly durable, plush, and superior in handling…such that we use it as an alternative of a DH bike in most rough terrain and environments. My daughter and wife prefer riding this bike to all others, and they’re beginners. The low standover height and new school “enduro’ geometry gives everyone a smile in our shop when they rent or purchase a Kona Process bike.

The small has a standover height of about 26.5″. The medium has 27″. This gives extra confidence and also lets kids grow into the bike, extending the time you own it.

think 6″ of go back and forth is overkill? that’s old school thinking. Nowadays’s 5″ go back and forth bike frames in most cases weigh nearly the exact SAME. And suspension is way better, with more noticeable change in the adjustments. Why not make the ride smoother? Why not be less tired and more relaxed on your ride? In the end, your new geometry, dropper seat post, and extra effective brand new brakes will allow you to flow faster and in more regulate than you used to ride. Your going to need to add a little more suspension capacity to stay alongside of your new skills! Want less go back and forth still? call me, We now have that too.

This Canadian brand knows what the most efficient parts are. Shimano XT brakes, Sram 1×11 drivetrain (XO on this model), WTB 35mm wide rims, Maxxis tires, KS lev dropper seat post, and the top of the line Rockshox 6″ suspension.

There are other pictures in our ebay ads to show you our shop. Call me first and I will be able to give an explanation for all of our options for your price range. five three zero 362 zero zero two zero.

MSRP is $5000 and this is their recent edition frame and not using a frame changes advertised for 2016. We are selling the bike for $4000 plus free shipping. 

 Call us for more details as this bike is in our shop for sale on the floor.

Don’t buy a carbon frame suspension bike in this price range. Most carbon frames are that same 6lbs and cost $1500 more. Think the carbon bike you’re looking at is in reality lighter than a comparably priced aluminum bike? no way. You spent more on the frame and no more on the parts. Why sacrifice braking and suspension upgrades and finally end up with the same net weight in spite of everything, just to say your bike is carbon? We love carbon, we are just saying don’t buy it until you also reach this Shimano XT or SRAM XO component quality ALSO. And do not accept lower level suspension and brakes either, they’re also heavier and void the frame weight savings you were hoping to get out of carbon. 

Want carbon? cool, we got it. Intense Tracer Carbon bikes are in stock and the frame weighs 1lb less. Call me! We sell Yeti, Pivot, Intense, Transition, Kona, Scott, Redline BMX, Borealis, and more.

* our bikes do not ship with pedals included at this price. No pedals ship to us when we buy new bikes from the manufacturer. The pedals that appear in any of our ebay pics are only there to lend a hand us test ride the bike when first assembled.

call me anytime on my cell phone as well at 530 three six two 0020. Or email me at mike at thebackcountry dot net. 

we sell Intense, Yeti, Kona, Scott, Juliana, Borealis, Transition and more. We can pack your bike properly to give protection to it and ship it with insurance. ($160 value)


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