GT Tachyon Crossover Bicycle



GT Tachyon Cross Motorcycle circa 1990-92

This Motorcycle sat in a garage for the past 15 years. It’s actually grimy and has a small quantity to surface rust at the frame. The Motorcycle is in want of a whole cleaning, re-greasing, truing and tuning. The derailleurs, shifters and gears all work smoothly. The tires whilst usable, will want replacing. Wheels might want somewhat of truing.

Top tube measures 23″, Seat tube measures 21″ and Stand over height is 32″. The wheels are sized 700D. Nice Motorcycle for an individual who desires to position within the time to revive. Early 90s GT used to be designed in america and in-built Japan. This frame permits for wide tires if the usage of off road. There front wheel has a few stickers at the rim. I used to be ready to peel one off with out a ton of effort. Please take a look at pictures
Please ask questions.
Shipping to Decrease 48 States. Shipping price of bicycles is getting very dear. 


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