Ewot Exercise W/Oxygen Training Reservoir Foliage Green 5L or 10L 1 Person




New Design and On Sale! $559.00 $336 below our website white generic Bladder only price.

This Sale is for a 1 person Exercise with Oxygen Training System (EWOT) made with 2 layers of special fabric, outer layer is Foliage Green 1.9oz Ripstop nylon, with Diamond grid, for looks and elegance and the inner layer is a special Silicone (see below), with 4 metal D-rings, one in each corner. The system will convert to a 5, 8 or 10 liter concentrator. (This sale does not include a concentrator). The system comes with all accessories to fully equip 1 person at a time, including 2 masks and 2 harnesses, one mask is our new high waft mask and the other is our regular mask so you’ll be able to see the difference, including 8 feet of medical grade silicone hose to connect a concentrator. The sale also includes our new designed bulkhead made of food grade material to ensure no BPAs are released into the oxygen, with a new designed 22mm fitting for easy connection of your high volume hose (see the pictures). We have these fittings specially made. 

Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. In the event you experience any problems with your order, please contact us prior to leaving a negative or neutral feedback and we’ll be sure to offer a speedy resolution to any issues that may arise.

Do not fall for the pressurized gimmicks found here and elsewhere, you’ll be spending good money after bad. Nature did not intend for oxygen to be pushed to us. Nature intended for us to us our Solar Plexus to draw oxygen to our lungs. Nature also intended for us to get 22% plus purer oxygen, which given the amount of carbon man is dumping in the atmosphere we do not get. This is among the reasons, among others, we at O2 Integral Sport developed the system we sell at a lower cost to you. Solar Plexus breathing is an exercise even by itself and is a more heathier way to do exercise and breath purer oxygen. Another gimmick we at O2 Integral Sport aren’t fond of is completely sealed bladders, each bladder should bleed off ensuring fresh oxygen each use when refilling.

We, at O2 Integral Sports can assure you that each and every O2 system is tested before leaving our facility. Tested for bleed off and time to refill after each use. From eye sight each bladder we send out bleeds off about 1/4 to 1/3 over night from full, about 10 to 12 hours sitting time with no concentrator running, given you do not leave the bladder empty, giving you fresh oxygen each use. Please leave the bladder at least half full or more to insure less fill time for each use and fresher oxygen. If in the testing phase the bladder does not meet the above standard the bladder is looked at, fixed, retested and sold as a factory second, as a result of the bladder being turned inside out to many times, putting to many crinkle marks in the bladder, which hurts the appearance. The Ripstop conceals any crinkling of the inside bladder. Thank you for looking, O2 Integral Sport. ewot-o2integralsports.com

Up for sale is 1 600 Liter Oxygen Reservoir, Foliage Green, with 4 D-rings, one in each corner, with all accessories,
which includes; 1 newly designed bulkhead, 2 Twin Port EWOT Medium/Large Size Face masks and Harnesses, with filter for the high waft mask that acts as the valve,
1 syringe for putting air in the face mask for ease of comfort,  2 what we call the star wars harness, 1 tripod system for hanging, 1 22mm (.87) 8 foot high
volume hose, 8 feet of 1/4 inch medical grade silicone fill hose, 2 ceiling hangers for those who do not need to use the tripod system, 1 Christmas tree fitting to adapted your 10 Liter concentrator, 1 7 foot canola hose for certain 5L concentrators and 1 oximeter.

These masks are the high volume masks everyone is raving about! We have altered one of the crucial mask for even higher waft so you’ll be able to see the difference.

What you’ll receive: 1 600 Liter Reservoir (W60″ x L80″), made from
a special 2 layer noncorrosive material with 4 D-rings, one in each corner, 1 newly designed bulkhead for the 22mm
High Volume hose, 2 Twin Port Large/Medium Size Face Masks in its original Manufactured
sealed packaging, 2 Harnesses and 1 syringe for applying air into the mask.
These mask and harness combination is for high volume oxygen exercise and will
convert to any high volume system the use of the 22mm hose, 1 tripod stand system, 8′ 22mm
delivery hose, 8′ medical grade silicone 1/4 inch fill hose and oximeter. Comes with all fittings to convert the system to either a 5 or 10 Liter concentrator. This system will adapt to any 5L, 8L or 10L oxygen
concentrator. This ad “does not include” a concentrator.

The 600 Liter reservoir will produce 900 Liters of oxygen with a 10L concentrator running in a 30 minute period, is made from a special 2 layer material made of Ripstop, Nylon with food grade Silicone on the inside oxygen will not corrode, is double stitched folded (French Stich) to help prevent loss of oxygen and has a Nylon Velcro entrance to service the bulkhead and allow for cleaning. FDA Grade silicone sheeting is common in applications where food is present. This material is low volatile, peroxide free and does not discolor over time. The ingredients used to make product at listed in CFR 177.2600. This FDA regulation deals with rubber articles intended for repeated use in food contact. This material is ozone and UV resistant, which means it is best for oxygen and is an excellent sealing material. The Reservoir is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The Bladder is not made from low cost trap material, contrary to others opinions . The Bladders are the highest of grade material available for this application and is not cheap. This material does not crinkle when handled too much. We at O2 Integral Sport will not sacrifice secure quality for looks! Period! We will be able to alternatively do everything in our power to make sure they look the best. Please see product reviews below.

The mask is the highest volume producing mask on the EWOT
market! These masks are non-rebreathers, but can be adapted to rebreathers
(rebreathers not sold by us).

This mask has two ports, one for inhaling (22mm or .87) and
one for exhaling. This mask will fit the typical 22mm hose or the typical 1/4
inch small hose. It has an air filled cushion that you’ll be able to add or take away air
for your comfort of fitting. The syringe is included but not shown in the
pictures for ease of adding air to the cushion through the small valve at the
top. The side small valve is for the small hose. Each mask is individually
packaged in its own plastic bag. You should clean the mask before use.

The harness is made from durable materials and elastics that
will last. It comes with two adjustment quick disconnect harness clips that
snap into place. These harnesses are sown all the way around so that the
material does not fray and the elastic banding is sown twice for stretching

What was said recently about our Mask and Harness!

“I am going to order some more masks and harnesses as I used to be very impressed with the harness, I’ve tried a few different ones but your one is by far the best I have used and so awesome that is locally made and designed.”

MK, Australia

All the above EWOT equipment has a 1 year warranty against
manufacturer defects and the pulling of the elastic from the face piece. Please see product reviews below. If your oxygen system fails in the one year period We will be able to send you a new product to replace the failed product, with a paid return box or envelope for returning the damaged product back to us, so that we will be able to decide what went flawed and make changes accordingly. Please do not return items which were tampered with by you or anyone around you, such as children playing with the system or swinging like Tarzan from the system. Please keep out of the reach of Children.

Disclaimer: The products and statements made herein have not
been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These
statements are for informational purposes only and aren’t intended as a
substitute for medical advice, counseling or procedures. This information is
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

“Over the counter (OTC) versions of these devices are
allowed. This device is not intended for medical use. This device is intended
as parts and pieces to replace your Exercise equipment and therefore FDA
regulations do not apply”.

“The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.
If this is the case, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser.
“If” the item is subject to FDA regulation, I can verify your status
as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item.”

Sold as replacement parts. Prescription not needed. Payment
must be received within 48 hours.  Same day or next day
shipping.  If shipping outside the Continental United States, please
contact us prior to bidding for shipping quotes.  Thank you!

Shipping and Returns policy:

Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable. 
If merchandise is damaged, return will be exchanged with the same item. If
you open this items manufacture’s packaging, you own it, there’s no return
despite the fact that the package is damaged. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

We have complete EWOT systems with better quality at a lower
cost than our competitors.

The 5L System includes 5-liter oxygen generator, a 600 liter
oxygen bladder, two valve face mask and harness, accessories included; tripod
system, delivery tube, delivery hose, oximeter, mask and harness. Prices start
at 1395 and up. Free shipping in the lower 48 states, all others want to contact
for shipping costs and duty taxes for abroad.

Contact information: o2integralsports.com TJ or Zhenia 641-799-7133

Thank you for looking.

Product review for the O2 Integral Sport EWOT product:

 “I have been involved or associated with O2 training for nearly 5 years. I am particularly well acquainted with the Live 02 oxygen trainer. All though that system features a beautiful logo on the reservoir, the build quality has never matched its premium price. Through a friend of a friend I used to be able to see and test the O2 Integral Sport EWOT reservoir with my O2 concentrator.

While the reservoir envelope was made from materials similar to the Live 02 product, that’s where the similarity ends. The oxygen inlet /outlet is properly secured with a bulkhead fixture, eliminating the problem of pulling the tube out as is so common with the other product.

 The stitching around the periphery of the reservoir is done with a much higher quality French seam. The final closure of the reservoir is accomplished with an industrial Velcro strip. This way the reservoir can be turned inside out for cleaning or servicing, and the French seem virtually eliminates leakage from the seams. The reservoir gave the impression to fill much more quickly and kept a larger percentage of its air overnight.

 This is a product you’ll be able to feel good about parting with your hard-earned dollars for. It’ll obviously provide many years of service and training. Nothing like a little bit of good old competition to bring the best imaginable products forward to the consumer.

If you’re searching for the benefits of exercise with oxygen therapy, in case you are looking to get a better product for less money, if you wish to experience the dramatic health benefits of flooding your body with oxygen, the O2 Integral Sport EWOT product is highly recommended.”

Mike F.

“After just 3 sessions of EWOT that began last week, chronic pain from 2 recent bike falls in 2016 (March 7 and October 7) is diminished, gut functioning has improved, and someone remarked I have more color and glow about me. Results this noticeable in such a short time have given me encouragement EWOT can help bring me to a strong state of vibrant health quickly.  Thank you!”

 Catherine C., Iowa, November, 2016

“I have been the use of an Oxygen supplement delivery system with a stationary bike now for a year and a half, but first I must tell you where I used to be with my health. I had about 65% use of my lungs according to test results before the use of the system. I could run about as far as the distance between 2 telephone poles. Almost every joint in my body had pain, especially in my ankles. More often than not it hurt very badly just to walk and at times I did not need to even walk, just sit and I began to gain weight. Not a good thing! I discovered the Oxygen supplement delivery systems and began to use it very cautiously and at short times to begin.

 The first time I used the system, within 2 minutes I became dizzy. I knew this was from the lack of oxygen to my brain, so I used the system for short periods for a few days until I became use to the abundance of purer oxygen.  Within a week I started to notice a difference in longer times on the bike and a feeling of wellness. I knew at this point exercising with purer oxygen was for me. After about a month exercising with oxygen I started to work out longer by doing 5 minutes on the bike with the oxygen system and then going to the gym for 45 minutes, coming back home doing 5 minutes on the bike with oxygen, then doing some free of machine exercising and then 5 minutes of oxygen without exercising. I did that program for about 1 year. WOW, WOW, WOW, what a difference in my health. I got on a treadmill after 5 minutes on a bike with oxygen and I could do 65 minutes nonstop at 5 to 7 miles per hour and according to testing I now have 100% use of my lungs. This is the greatest invention for health since exercise machines were developed!”

 T.H.C.H. – Iowa

Contact information: ewot-o2integralsports.com TJ or Zhenia

Thank you for looking.


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