Bianchi Cortina Hybrid – 24 Speed Mens Bicycle – XL Aluminum Frame



This is a superb Bianchi Cortina mens bike. I bought this to make use of
when I used to be in the us, then again now I’m back in the United Kingdom so the bike is no
good to me.

I used the bike for a few months around Miami
when I used to be living there, it has never been off-road and is in very good
condition. I would estimate it has done around 70-80 miles.

It has an aluminum frame and I consider 24 gears,
absolute best search across the internet for the precise spec. That is the biggest one
they make – 23-inch frame I seem to keep in mind that as I’m 6′ 4″. I consider the
bike has lights and a very good lock which the patron is welcome to have,
I purchased
it new from A1 Scoot, Skate and Bike
for $480 so clutch a bargain here.

Please let me know if you need to view, I will be able to try to reply to questions, but you might be absolute best off viewing and checking it out. I should not have some other pictures, then again the bike is virtually as new. As any person else is handling this sale for me I will be able to’t accept returns, just check the bike out and be sure to’re happy with it.

Please check my feedback, the patron must be more than happy with this item.


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