Berg Pedal Go Kart – Ford Mustang GT



Take a look at the licensed Berg Pedal Go Kart Ford Mustang GT for an active pastime along with your Youngsters! It includes a break-forward-reverse system that permits the ride to float with pedals remaining fastened. In impact, your kid can do reverse pedaling as smartly, after deploying the brakes. How’s that for a ride-on toy! Its architecture highlights Sturdiness with its steel construction, whilst its design and decor supplies imaginative Amusing for children. Additionally, it is supplied with further wide pneumatic tires, together with awesome taking a look rims. As well as, you don’t have to fret about your kid outgrowing this unit as it is furnished with an adjustable seat and guidance wheel. Its dimensions are 57” long, 28” wide and 25” tall, with a weight of 60 pounds. So purchase a Berg Pedal Go Kart Ford Mustang GT nowadays and stay the dull days away!

  • Dimensions Of Pedal Car For Youngsters: 57” x 28” x 25” / Weight: 60 Lbs
  • Go-Kart Boasts A Brake-Forward-Reverse System For Pedaling Backwards
  • Architecture Highlights Sturdiness W/ Its Steel Construction
  • Design & Decor Gives Imaginative Amusing For Children
  • Recommended For Kids A while 4 Years & Above


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