2017 PInarello Gan K Disk 50cm Ultegra blk/fluo yellow



All-day speed.

Though its innovative
mountain climbing frames have now spent dozens of years at the top of the GT
leaderboard, Pinarello’s endurance machines have received no less
R&D attention. The Gan K Disc Ultegra Complete Road Bike proves this
point by also proving that the venerable Italian firm has no interest
in leaving the long distance cyclist in the lurch.

The Gan K Disc’s racing pedigree surfaces in the right carbon fiber
construction and Shimano Ultegra drivetrain (including the Ultegra
68000 crankset—no third-party slop here) and Ultegra-grade hydraulic
disc brakes. The endurance aspect is apparent in the frame’s all-terrain
geometry and the inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes. When these
attributes are combined, the result is a bike that loves to go fast all

Though it is a stiff beast, the Gan K’s as focused on comfort as it is
on efficiency, a fact that manifests in its geometry. In comparison to the
Gan S, the Gan K has slacker seat and head tubes, longer chainstays,
comfort-oriented FlexStay seatstays, a shorter reach, and a taller
stack. These variations are all subtle—manifesting as millimeters or
even fractions of millimeters—but the net result is a longer, more
stable wheelbase and a cockpit that situates the rider in a more upright

The Gan S is in large part modeled at the Dogma F8, so it is a race bike,
through-and-through; the changes to the Gan K mean it is less of an
unforgiving missile and more of smooth rouleur, a bike built for laying
down miles of tempo across rolling terrain somewhat than punching the
afterburners out of each and every corner and into each and every ascent. The Gan K
doesn’t twitch violently at each and every rider input; somewhat, it flows through
corners and across rough roads, holding lines as though it is
self-guided. These tendencies are reinforced by the front and rear
thru-axles, which strengthen the wheel/frame interface, an area that is
traditionally guilty of sacrificing handling and power transfer through

For all that comfort and stability, the Gan K is still built by one
of the world’s premium bike brands, so it benefits from the entire
race-frame expertise that Pinarello dumps into its world-beating Dogma
models just with a lower grade of carbon fiber. Comparing it to the Gan S
again, the Gan K features T600 carbon as an alternative of the S model’s T700.
That lower modulus means that it takes reasonably more material to hit the
same level of stiffness, this means that a bit added weight.

Frankly, most of us would possibly not even notice the extra grams, especially
taking into account that the reasonably beefier construction dissipates more road
noise and gravel chatter even as benefiting bigger riders who dump more
punishment into the pedals. That rider profile could also be the kind who
benefits most from the improved modulation and more confident stopping
power of disc brakes. No top-tier climber ever wants to hear the “added
weight” disclaimer, but in case you are after a long-suffering frame that
ensures you aren’t subject to long bouts of suffering all the way through
interminable stretches on questionable surfaces, frames like the Gan K
are a beacon of hope in a sea of unforgivingly stiff featherweight

Finally, a note on bottom brackets. We know you’re weary of looking to
stay alongside of the up to date trends and standards. Hell, we are, too. For
all its innovation and forward-thinking design choices, Pinarello
remains decidedly low-tech in the bottom bracket shell. The Gan K Disc
features an Italian threaded bottom bracket, which forgoes the lighter
and more cost effective method of molding PressFit recessions into the frame
in favor of CNC-machining inserts. The result is a more precise
interface that reduces creaking and pops even as concurrently increasing
the longevity of all parts involved.

  • An endurance road bike with racing pedigree
  • Long wheelbase and a generous stack for stable comfort
  • Burlier carbon fiber is stiff but absorbs road noise and abuse
  • Ultegra build kit is raceable and reliable
  • Pinarello’s carbon fiber expertise has been proven in the whole thing from spring classics to grand tours

Tech Specs

Frame Material:
T600 carbon fiber

Fork Material:
carbon fiber

1-1/8 – 1-1/2 in integrated

Shimano RS685

Front Derailleur:
Shimano Ultegra 6800

Rear Derailleur:
Shimano Ultegra 6800

52 / 36 t Shimano Ultegra 6800

Bottom Bracket:
Italian threaded

Crank Arm Length:
[sizes 42.5 – 46] 170 mm, [sizes 49 – 53] 172.5 mm, [sizes 55 – 59] 175 mm

11 – 28 t Shimano Ultegra 6800

Shimano Ultegra

Shimano BR-RS805

Brake Type:
flat-mount hydraulic disc

MOst Jaguar XA

Handlebar Width:
[size 42.5] 40 cm, [sizes 44 – 52] 42 cm, [sizes 53 – 59] 44 cm

MOst Tiger Alu Aero

Stem Length:
[sizes 42.5 – 44] 90 mm, [sizes 46 – 52] 100 mm, [size 53] 110 mm, [sizes 55 – 59] 120 mm

Fizik Antares R7

Pinarello Aero (full carbon)

Seat Collar:

Fulcrum Sport DB AFS

Front Axle:
12 x 100mm thru-axle

Rear Axle:
12 x 142mm thru-axle

Vittoria Zaffiro

Tire Size:
700 c x 25 mm

not included

Recommended Use:
road cycling

Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years on frame

Actual Weight:
97 Black/ Fluo Yellow, 53cm: 8790g


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