2016 Santa Cruz Bronson CC L X01 



This is my 2016 Bronson. I used to work at SC Bikes and recently moved to Colorado and am working at C3 bikes in golden. I mention this because I handle this bike right kind and this bike is in great condition. If your on the lookout for a bronson this thing may not disappoint. There are a couple of parts that I’m moving around so read carefully 

– It has a Factor 36 custom tuned with faster high speed rebound and lighter oil for increased small bump sensitivity (you can notice that the lowers say 40s, my friend at fox likes to clutter with me lol)
– Brand New Wheels – sram hubs laced to mavic EB 427 Rims 
– Fox Evol Rear shock – also custom tuned with added midlevel beef up it is not the sunshine tune that comes usual but is not the medium tune either reasonably inbetween 
– Bars alum raceface bars – if you need the carbon santa cruz bars so that you can be 75 extra
– Cranks – Up to date Have an effect on raceface cranks (will likely be installing the ones soon)
– Brakes – XTR – (if you need the saints $100 more)
– Drive Train ( XO1 11 speed) XX1 Chain tho 
– Headset is Cane Creek 40 
– Seat Post Reverb
– Saddle – WTB silverado

I just rebuilt the fork about 2 weeks ago because I sought after to sell this thing feeling as it must I’ve the receipt of that if you need but if you’re feeling it you are going to know

Let me know when you’ve got any questions its a sweet ass bike if you happen to come test it out you can most likely buy it so be warned 
Text me or call me at 41534259sevensix


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