2016 Fuji Altamira Carbon Road Bike Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Electronic MSRP $5999



LIKE NEW Fuji Altamira Di2 LE Carbon Fiber Road Bike

47cm bike frame, fits most riders between 5.2″ to 5.5″ (I’m 5’4″ female, and this bike has been custom fitted to my height, but it can easily be adjusted).

Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Electronic Shifting 20 Speed 
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Shifters
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Derailleurs
Full Carbon Frames
Shimano Ultegra Cranks
Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedals

I bought this bike up to date in July 2016 to take part in a 3-day riding event. I put at most 500 miles in this bike since purchase, and then lost interest in road bike riding. I have equipped this bike with a rear view mirror, water bottle holders, saddle bag with emergency kit, safety lights, smartphone holder, rare bottle holder (holds a total of 4 water bottles), and Shimano MTB style pedals. As a bundle, I can also include cleaning brushes, bike chain cleaning solution, lubricants, and so forth. I carefully clean this bike after every ride. I even have a bike stand for sale ($50) seperately.

I live in Baltimore MD. Local pickup only. 
Why Dura Ace / Ultegra Di2 Electronic Shifting?

“…eight months and thousands of miles later… Di2 offers the most efficient front shifting to be had, bar none.” 
“…A winter’s worth of wear and tear hasn’t done anything to degrade the performance..”
Read more at VeloNews

” Di2 will measurably fortify riding” “(No) for the reason that you would select a mechanical option…in reality is that good”

ENHANCED CONFIDENCE AND CONTROL”Electronic shifting…now as easy as tapping a keyboard. The smaller hood radius and adjustable reach has banished any problems…fingers with a bit of luck wrap round the brake levers by a minimum of two knuckles, both on hoods and in drop positions, giving me absolute certainty in my stopping power.” “…new found confidence…knowing that I’m in total keep an eye on it doesn’t matter what my position. There is not any way I’m on my own in feeling this way as a woman with regard shifting and braking. Ultegra Di2 will measurably fortify riding…” 

“How long does a battery last? Months. Even pros get by with four or five charges a year. The reality is, twice or three times a year you’ll wish to top up, and you get numerous warning when the battery falls below 50 per cent” 
What Happens When Battery Dies? 
“The front derailleur uses far more power, and stops working first…numerous power left to get you home and be capable of use the rear the whole time. If you find yourself at the road and not using a power, you’ll have ignored a LOT of warnings.” 

“After a winter of salt, grit, road spray and general abuse, how unaffected the performance and well sealed the connection were also impressed immensely. A couple of forays onto cyclo-cross territory were also impressive and very well suited to the precision. Being completely unaffected by dirt ingress was once a revelation to hardened racers…” “…we will be able to’t see any for the reason that you would select a mechanical option. Yes, it in reality is that good.”

Will it short in the rain? 
” …through terrible winter weather…never had any issue with water ingress. Pro cyclo-cross riders use Dura Ace/ Ultegra Di2…their bikes get jet-washed all through races.” 


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