2012 Pinarello Paris, Size 53 cm – INV-12142



Brand: Pinarello
Model: Paris
Year: 2012
Serial: 2BE5300280353
Condition: Fair
Category: Road

Handlebar: MOst Jaguar XA
Saddle: MOst Oselot

Condition Report
Wheels: Good
Frame: Fair
Drive Educate: Good
Rubber: Good
Touch Issues: Fair

Description of Fair

  • Pedals are NOT included
  • The body or fork or elements or equipment has cosmetic blemishes.
  • The body (if steel) has minor dings
  • Front and/or Rear shock must be serviced
  • Paint is light relatively and/or relatively discolored and scratched.
  • The bicycle has a few mechanical problems and a tune up is necessary
  • An overhaul is recommended
  • Multiple portions want to be replaced
  • Front and Rear hydraulic brakes want to be bled (if appropriate)


Exact bicycle and similar elements would possibly range from photographs shown. This contains, however isn’t restricted to, bottle cages, pedals, seat luggage, and computers. BicycleBlueBook does now not ensure the accuracy of the pictures they usually will have to be used for reference handiest.


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