2012 Fuji Gran Fondo 2.0 DI2



For sale is a marvelous 58cm Mother of Pearl/Red/Green Fuji Grand Fondo 2.0 DI2. This motorbike used to be purchased new from Performance Bicycles. I never rode it. Tires: New. It’s going to include a suite of Tire Tuffy protectors to stay objects from piercing the internal tube.

The crankset is a Rotor 3DF. All carbon fiber frame and fork. Oval 500 brake calipers, Oval 700 seat post, Oval 330 Wheelset, Oval Ideas head-tube with drop bars. Comes with 1 DI2 battery and charger, Fast get started manual and wheel, head-tube and seat post reflectors.

Excellent motorbike. Promoting it because I am not the use of it. May go to a greater home. Shipping is strictly my cost to package and arrange with an organization that, in particular, ships bikes. It’s going to packaged by a neighborhood motorbike shop. Native Pickup or free Delivery if in KSQ, Avondale, Coatesville, Exton, New Castle, Wilmington, Endure. Out of doors of the world could possibly split the space, in a different way shipping might be required. The associated fee to package and ship might be $one hundred.


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