2007 Cervelo R3 54cm SRAM Build with Zipp 404 Powertap Wheelset



Item for Sale is a 2007 Cervelo R3 54 cm Road Motorbike WITH (or with out) Zipp 404 Wheelset with Powertap hub. Full SRAM Power build out and SRAM Cassette. 

I had been the one owner of this Motorbike and feature trained and raced it Annually since owning. I’ve sorted this Motorbike higher than myself now and again. Annually it’s been tuned, wiped clean and cables modified out. The Motorbike is implausible and it’s been actually vital to me for a very long time. 

The Wheelset is on the market separate additionally and indexed on Ebay. Who ever buys the Motorbike or the wheels gets em. 

Please contact me with any questions. Should you love hiking, racing, and stiff superb smartly designed bikes that is your dream Motorbike. 
The Motorbike will probably be professionally shipped by means of my favourite Motorbike retailer FYI. 
Thank you. 


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